Dial A Bed Delivery And Pick Up Terms And Conditions


Here at Dial A Bed, we have made delivering or pick up of your new bed or mattress as easy as we can.  We have a range of delivery options available.  These are as follows:


  1. Delivery Only – In this case a driver will bring your bed to the main door.  If you would like it to be taken inside he or she would be happy to give you a hand.  We do not offer installation or removal of your old bed or mattress in this service.  In case of units, delivery is only to the entrance of the unit block.
  2. Two men delivery – In this case two men will bring the bed or mattress in your house and into the room.  Installation will be extra.  If you choose to have the bed or ensemble installed, our delivery people will take all the packaging away at the same time.  You can choose at the time of sale to have the bed installed and / or an old bed taken away.  We will only take the bed away if it is dismantled.  Our driver will not dismantle any beds or bases in your house.
  3. At Dial A Bed we strive to serve our customers the best possible way.  We are happy to take the beds up the stairs and in the room.  However our drivers can have accidents while delivering your new bed.  Dial A Bed will not be liable for any damages to your property such as walls, lights, fixtures and furniture incurred during delivering of items. It is the property owner’s discretion to have the driver take the items in the house or upstairs at any time. 
  4. Due to O.H.& S, our drivers will not remove their shoes while delivering your beds or mattresses.  We take every precaution not to dirty your carpets or floors, however you should lay sheets or blankets to protect your floor if you are concerned.  Our drivers will not be responsible for any marks on carpets or floors. 

Pick Up Terms of Sale

  1. Dial A Bed suggests that any goods picked up from our stores or warehouse should be inspected thoroughly.  If you report any damage to the goods, it will be very difficult to establish whether the damage was done before pick up or during delivery process or after pick up.  Dial A Bed will not be liable for any damage reported after goods have been picked up. When coming to pick up your goods, ensure to come with a helping hand and adequate ropes or tying material.
  2.  If you prefer to pick up the goods from one of our stores, staff members will check your signature against the signature on any credit/debit/payment card used to purchase the goods. You must therefore ensure that you bring this card when picking up the goods.  This ensures no fraudulent activity is being undertaken.  A staff member has the right to refuse collection of goods if you or the nominated person to pick-up the Goods on your behalf cannot satisfy the above requirement.