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Our Guarantees

Comfort Exchange

At Dial A Bed we recognise that the only real test of a new mattress is to sleep on it and that most of us buy a new Mattress because our old one is no longer satisfactory. A new mattress will always feel a great different to your old one and takes some time to get used to it. Dial A Bed is pleased to offer 30 nights for you to get used to your new mattress.

You must use a mattress protector so that your mattress is not soiled. You must follow the care instructions of the manufacturer.

If you are not completely happy, phone Dial A Bed and discuss your concern with our bedding consultants and we will exchange your mattress with another one that will overcome these concerns. Delivery Fees will apply to all exchanges. We do not offer refunds if you choose a cheaper mattress to exchange. There is a limit of only one exchange per customer. There are no exchanges on special orders or custom made mattresses.

Warranty Information

Dial A Bed reserves the right to refuse service and void the warranty if the mattress is found stained or shows abuse or damage through accident or neglect. To keep your warranty valid, make sure that your bedding is never stained or soiled in any way. We will not pick up any stained mattresses. The warranty will cover any broken springs that come out through the fabric. You must have a tax invoice when claiming a warranty.

Body Impressions in Mattresses

It is quite normal for mattresses to have body impressions. The thicker the top, the deeper the impression will be. Body impressions are not as a result of a fault in the mattress rather a normal wearing in of a mattress. The depth of body impression considered normal in a non-pillow top also known as ‘Euro-Top’ a pillow top layer is a layer of a… mattress is 2.5-3.5 cm and for a pillow topAlso known as 'Euro-Top' a pillow top layer is a layer of a... mattress is 3.5-5.0 cm. The degree of body impression depends on the comfort layersRefers to additional or supplementary layers of upholstery s… of the mattress and your body shape.

Body impressions are more visible in king size mattresses. It is a good idea to rotate your mattress regularly in the first few months of your purchase. This will ensure your mattress settles more evenly. Ensembles You can get mattresses or ensembles from us. We manufacture both the mattress and bases. Our ensemble bases are mainly platform but if you require spring bases we can do then for an extra cost.

Transport Charges

If there is a manufacturers fault, the Manufacturers will cover the transport cost charges in the first year of purchase. After the first year, the transport cost will be met by the purchaser.

What happens if there is a warranty issue? Dial A Bed suppliers will repair or replace at their option any manufacturing fault. Dial A Bed will not be giving replacement mattresses at the time of repairing the old one.