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Latex mattresses are the new memory foam and they are slowly taking over the market as the most comfortable, and durable type of mattress. These are mattresses that are made from the original, natural latex and offer great temperature neutrality and odor control. Moreover, they are more affordable than traditional memory foam and also provide better warranty coverage options. 

Latex mattresses have gained much popularity in recent years and they are slowly becoming the most common type of mattress used worldwide. This is mainly because of the extent of comfort they provide by conforming to your body and bounce back immediately.

How are latex mattresses made

There are two main types of manufacturing processes that are used to make latex mattresses; the Talalay Method and the Dunlop Method. 

The Talalay method uses freshly extracted tree sap from rubber trees and pours it in a mold; only filling it halfway. The remaining volume of the mold is filled with air using a vacuum in order to create a uniform density throughout the mattress. The Dunlop method, on the other hand, entirely fills the mold to the brim which results in a denser bottom of the latex mattress because mostly the sap settles at the bottom. The upper area is lighter and more airy.  The Dial A Bed latex is manufactured by the Dunlop process. 

Benefits of a latex mattress

Perhaps the greatest yet lesser known benefit of a latex mattress is that it is eco-friendly. Since they are made from all natural latex, there are no harsh chemicals and other harmful substances used in the production process. Some of the materials used in the making of latex mattresses are even biodegradable which is what makes them the best choice for a mattress in 2019. With global warming numbers on the rise and the environmental condition of the earth getting worse and worse each day, there truly is a need for us to adopt ways of living that do not harm our planet any further and purchasing a latex mattress might be one step in the right direction. 

Other than being beneficial for the environment, latex mattresses are also highly comfortable for the consumer. They are known to be naturally cool. As opposed to how other types of mattress develop heating problems overtime, latex mattresses do not. They provide the utmost comfort for up to 20 years without there even being a need to flip them over.   We do recommend flipping and rotating if possible.

Latex Allergy

A latex allergy is one of the lesser known allergies affecting people. Around 1% of the population, excluding medical professionals have a medically diagnosed latex allergy but this does not mean that they cannot use a latex bed. The allergy only comes into play when there is direct handling of the latex mattress. If that is avoided, anybody that has a latex allergy can still enjoy the comfort and other benefits of a latex mattress. However, it is always advised to consult a doctor if you suspect that you have a latex allergy in order to get an idea about the severity of it. 

We have a range of latex mattresses.  They are firm, medium and soft. Our latex range is available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King.  We have 150 and 200mm firm latex mattresses.

Our firm range is Latex Deluxe, Medium range is Latex Supreme and Sof is Latex Serenity.

Single start from $899, King Single From $999, Double $1099, Queen $1099 and King from $1499.

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