Tips for Finding the Correct Mattress for Your Newborn

As every tired parent will tell you, newborn bubs need all the sleep they can get 14 to 17 hours a day, to be exact. Naturally, this can be quite erratic, but as the months go on, your baby will adjust to a more consistent sleep schedule.

Proper sleep helps to aid rapid physical and mental development, so it’s important to create the perfect sleep environment for your bub that’s both safe and comfortable.

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Here’s some things to remember when choosing the right mattress:

  • Firmness: A solid surface will help support your baby’s head as they sleep. Too soft and it will create a suffocation hazard, increasing the risk of SIDS. You can test for firmness by checking for any indentation when your baby is lying on top.
  • Sizing: A mattress that fits tightly inside a newborn’s cot ensures a safe sleeping space. Any gaps may present a health hazard, so make sure there’s no more than a 20mm gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends. Hand-me-downs might not meet modern safety standards, so consider buying a brand new mattress.
  • Build: Foam can be a lightweight, eco-friendly and cost-effective option when it comes to buying a cot mattress. However, it can lack proper edge support and be prone to indentation, so be sure you find one with the right amount of thickness. Coil, on the other hand, provides better support due to its sturdiness, but cheaper types may wear and tear in the long run.
  • Material: Invest in a breathable, waterproof mattress that’s stain-resistant and machine-washable, or find one with a protective cover. Many mattresses also contain synthetic materials and other chemicals, so try to find one that’s made from organic ingredients.
  • Usefulness: Some mattresses are double-sided, so they last longer. If one side is too firm or has begun to grow soft, you can simply flip it over so your bub can rest safely and much more comfortably.

At Dial A Bed, we’ll help find the right mattress to fit your bub’s needs, one that’s locally made from only the best quality materials. And as a direct manufacturer, we offer the most affordable prices in all of Brisbane.

It’s never too early in life to get a good night’s sleep. Call or visit Dial a Bed to find out more about our wide range of cot mattresses.

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